5,4,3,2,1 Things About...

I am constantly looking to other blogs to find inspiration and a good laugh. A new series created by Craft is called 5,4,3,2,1 Things About...

Craft usually profiles one of its staff members, but recently has suggested other blog writers to include their button (see below and to the right) on their blogs and to submit a post of their own.

So here we go!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About Copycat Mashup

I am oddly the most normal looking one in this photo.

One Project You Are Particularly Proud Of

There are a few projects on Copycat Mashup that I really love, but the one that I think I am most proud of is the scherenschnitte of Shakespeare's Hamlet. It was the first time I ever attempted a papercut and I was so nervous the entire time that I was going to rip the paper! When all was said and done, I love walking by this piece in our new apartment and stopping to look at it.

Two Mistakes You've Made in the Past

2. Not measuring things (i.e. fabric, paper, wood) when I should. You'd think I'd learn after the first mishap, but I never want to spend the time to measure anything.

1. Getting frustrated too easily when I start a project. The perfectionist in me wants the process to be beautiful and smooth every time.

Three Things That Make Your Work Unique

3. It always changes! Depending on the artists, one piece will look completely different than the previous one.

2. I like to tell a story when it comes to the art, as I almost always have some sort of previous exposure/experience with the artist.

1. It's random. Some of the mashups (lessor known artists, novelists, food products, etc.) are pretty out there.

Four Tools You Love To Use

4. X-Acto Knife - I'm happy that I no longer live in New York City, where all X-Acto knives and blades are locked behind a glass cases. Talk about a pain in the neck to check out a blade! Good thing Massachusetts seems to not worry people will start stabbing each other.

3. Transfer Paper - What I like to call "cheating paper." Yes, in art courses in high school and college I was taught to sketch out the piece. But with the help of my trusty iMac (Madeline is her name), I can do all that "sketching" on my comp, print it out, and transfer it on to the canvas or paper.

2. My iMac - Going on six years now (*tear), Madeline has been great. Sure she is starting to sound like a broken vacuum when she gets too hot, but she has helped me on way too many projects to count.

1. My 2B graphite pencils - Bringing it back to my 9th grade Drawing I class, the 2B is my go-to sketching pencil. Always.

Five Inspirations

5. Nature. Especially now that we are living in Western Mass and I drive through a mountain pass (!) to get to work.

4. Anthropologie - Clothes that I love and can't afford, I just love their photographs and styling. Great inspiration for the new apartment!

3. My father - He's an inspiration but also a resource. I will come to him with an idea, usually something I want him to build for me, and he will tell me whether it can be done. (Sometimes my ideas defy gravity. Stupid gravity.)

2. Marquetry - This is a long-term inspiration and project. I've been too scared to try it. Right now I am obsessed with Rob Milam's portraits.

1. All of the blogs listed to the right of this page. Check them out!

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