Trolling in South Hadley

Don't worry - this is not a picture of our new apartment.

It is, however, similar to what you would see on the windowsills of the South Hadley Electric Company. When Pat and I entered the town building on Monday morning to set up an account, we were greeted by at least 40 troll dolls behind the ONE woman who runs the shop. We couldn't look at each other the entire time we were there. Not when we saw the troll dolls. Not when we were told there was no online billing system. Not when we were informed that the only credit card they would not accept was VISA.

Where the hell are we?

Certainly not Queens.

I don't think I set up one account in New York that didn't involve going online or walking through an automated messaging system on the phone. But South Hadley is not New York. South Hadley does not have street lights. South Hadley sells gas at $3.68 a gallon. South Hadley has driveways, backyards, and diners. (And I mean legit diners; hole in the wall, small and stifling spaces and not the behemoths in NYC, where you can't look in one direction without spotting a chandelier.)

Talk about extremes. It seems I can't do anything in stages. I leave Exeter, RI, where I lived next to a farm and on three acres of land to Queens, NY, where I was lucky to find a parking spot on the street and a two bedroom apartment that didn't cost $2,000 a month. And now here I am - living in the mountains. Crazy.

You know what else is crazy? Our awesome apartment.

Our living room - not enough furniture to fill this puppy.

Two views of our extremely long kitchen (love it!)

Pat's office

The bedroom, and yes, that huge closet is just MINE!

Two views of my art studio. It's kind of empty (but not for long!).

Our back deck with our new grill (thanks Mom and Dad!).

Don't get me wrong - there are kinks in this place like any other rental. Light switches that do nothing, outlets that don't seem to work, wonky window blinds, etc. But already Pat and I are really excited to call this space ours for the time being and exploring the hood without the threat of a parking ticket or a meter maid!

This week has been spent performing lots of chores - buying food from the local farms, scouting out new gyms and getting some new duds for my new job (that starts tomorrow...gulp).

While I haven't been blogging here, I have been blogging elsewhere, including some blogs of some friends. I hope to be back soon with a new art piece!

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  1. Hi Beth,
    Good luck with your new job! The new apartment looks awesome, I love the deck, too. Best of luck to you in your NEWEST venture.
    Kathryn (slave of Job Lot)

  2. 3 bedrooms!!! lucky duck. place looks great, B - hope you are loving the new locale!