Boondoggling in Brooklyn

Didn't know boondoggle was a word? Me neither. But thanks to my trusty thesaurus, I learned it's a synonym for procrastinate, and since I'm a sucker for alliteration...

That's right folks, yours truly has been boondoggling all weekend when she should have been packing and cleaning her itsy bitsy apartment. For this first time this week, I realized that a tiny little apartment can hold a whole lot of crap. As you can see, I've really done nothing.

[Click on photo to see larger]

And you know what? Rightly so! Pat has, after all, been slumming it in Las Vegas all week. He's "at a conference." Why should I be proactive and do the work of two? Why shouldn't I just go to Brooklyn and explore?

"Why would you go on this outing without Pat?" you ask. Well, for the sake of blog fodder (for this blog and my old, now defunct blog, "The Queens B"), I've dragged Pat all over this place for the past two years - museums and theatrical productions in Manhattan, Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Brooklyn College, and one strange festival on Staten Island. Pat has since learned from all this, and unless the outing will end with a steak dinner, he's not too eager to join me these days.

His absence was the perfect excuse for me to take the 1 1/2 hour bus and train rides into Brooklyn, specifically Park Slope (or as my sister accidentally referred to it one day, "Pig Slop"), and grab some lunch with my friend and Brooklynite, Alice. And grab some lunch we did!

Homemade turkey burger (none of that Jenny-O stuff) with garam spices gruyere cheese, pickled veggies and roasted potatoes. Amen, sister.

This was the moment when Alice discovered how we could avoid raising the debt ceiling over her huevos rancheros with heirloom beans and 3(!) salsas.

After sufficiently filling our stomachs with the superb food of Juventino, we decided to take a walk in Prospect Park. Unfortunately, I was sweating like a dog the whole time and was too lazy to take photos.

But I did take this photo of a row of brownstones in Park Slope....

...through Alice's car window. The reason why I took it through the car window is because we were seriously sitting for 10 minutes, waiting for woman (who puked out the side of her car then proceeded to stuff her face with pretzels - no lie) to give up her parking space on the street.

Ah New York, you sweet bitch, I'll miss you.


  1. Oh give me some credit! I called it Pig Slope! not Pig Slop. Glad to see you got a lot of packing done :) Hope it all goes smoothly. I have heard the term boondoggle, however i thought it referred to gimp keychains. I guess that's a long story and not fit for this blog. Have a great weekend sista.

  2. What a perfect New York moment for your memory bank ;)

    I'm laughing because, knowing we have a bit in common when it comes to spreadsheets, my guess is that you have a thorough plan on how the packing should be done, it's the just the execution that's the problem ;)

  3. Sa - Sorry I misquoted you, although "Pig Slop" is way funnier.

    JL - Surprisingly, I do not have a spreadsheet for packing! I think it's because packing is probably my LEAST FAVORITE thing to do and I'm currently in a state of "task denial."

  4. nothing worse than packing (or the idea of packing) right about now! i think i'll listen to "money can't buy you class" and forget all my troubles.

    P.S. successful blog linkage - now we can sit back and let the readers flock in!!