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So it’s been 4 months, 1 day, and some odd hours since I’ve written a darn thing on this blog. That’s a long, long time - eons, in fact. I mean, that’s on par with the length of the spaghetti noodle Lady and the Tramp slurped up, the 17 minutes and 4 seconds David Blaine was submerged in water, and 15 seasons of ER.

There are many things I could have done while I wasn’t writing this blog.

I could have attended the Royal Wedding – but I didn’t.

I could have come down with a sick case of Bieber fever – but I didn’t.

I could have tweeted with Anthony Weiner – but good lord I did NOT!


I beat my smart friend Scott at a game of Bezzerwizzer. [Zing!]

I’ve been reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan and am severely freaked out by what we’re putting in our bodies. [Corn! I’m taking to you! You are scary. So scary that I threw out a frozen bag of you that had been hiding in the freezer for 7 months in a fit of rage last week.]

I’ve also been rewatching the entire series of Lost in efforts to uncover so many of the burning questions that left me bitter and empty on May 23, 2010. For the record: I have no clue why the black smoke killed Mr. Eko; Ilana and Jacob’s relationship is never explained; and I still don’t get what “Mother’s” deal was. Am I nerdy enough to keep a small pad next to me to notate all my thoughts while watching? Yes, I am that nerdy.

Oh yeah, and I took EIGHT HOURS of teaching exams, got a NEW JOB, and am MOVING TO MASSACHUSETTS!

“What the what?” you ask. It’s true, my one dear independent blog reader and 20 family members. Yours truly is packing up her stuff [boyfriend included] and leaving NYC in one month to embark on a new adventure in Western Massachusetts.

New adventures are fun. I love them.

Ok - now THAT was a lie. New adventures scare the bejeezus out of me. I do not like change, new places and new people. It seems my perfect world would include living in one of those snow globes where the scene and weather never change [Except I’d replace the snow with a brisk 63 degree day. Liz Lemon and I love sweater weather.] But this change is a good change – we’re heading back to New England, Pat’s working at a college he loves, and I will be starting a new career as an educational writer. Scary – but cool. Oh yeah, and our potential apartment is TWICE THE SIZE of our current apartment for almost HALF THE RENT and equipped with a BACKYARD and DECK. Now that’s exciting.

These new changes and the impulse to rethink my life have also led me to rethink this blog. I certainly love the idea of Copycat Mashup and fully intend to continue its efforts, but it takes a lot of time to think of an idea, execute the art, and then write about it. Hence the haphazard blogging. So in the future, I think I might post a few “Beth insights” in the middle of the art, just to keep things fresh.

This post is a little bit of both. The art above is a piece I had been working on for my sister, who graduated from her Occupational Therapy Masters Program on Friday. Sarah is a pretty cool sister. She’s got great style and an incredible way of telling a story; seriously, I could listen to her residency tales for days. She also introduced me to the band, Bright Eyes, who is one of the artists in this mashup. I guess you would classify Bright Eyes as an indie band, and on more than one occasion, their lead singer Connor Oberst has been labeled a modern Bob Dylan. I’m sort of a lazy fan because I really just listen to one of their albums, I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning, and love the song Landlocked Blues, which is the inspiration of this mashup.

I know – if you scan through the last few blog posts you would have seen an awful lot of papercuts. The fact is, I love the art of papercutting just as much as I hate the carpal tunnel and hand cramps that come with it. And as I was just about to feature another cutting artist, Pat remarked how much this piece reminded him of one of the drawings our friend Heather [H-Dubs] did in grad school.

Yikes! Did I just steal a friend’s idea? You might as well name me Lady Gaga and call it a day. [Right!? Her song “Born This Way” sounds an awful lot like Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” And that other one – “Edge of Glory” – can we just say Cher wants her “Do You Believe in Life After Love?” hook back.] Pleading “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” I’d like to believe Heather’s art subconsciously inspired my sketch. It does seem fitting, given Heather showcased this drawing during her art show at Springfield College, where my sister Sarah just graduated, and where Pat was just hired and prompted our impending move. Ah, I love circular logic.

Congrats Sa – I love ya!

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  1. Can I be your second independent reader? I look forward to "Beth insights." I'll need them.

    I downloaded Bright Eyes. Because I'm just that impressionable.