Papercuts and HATE


Yowza. The whole month of February has almost gone by without a post. I admit, to the fairweather viewer, it must look like I've given up on this blog. Rest assured, I haven't, but I also haven't been around much these past few weekends to hunker down and make something. Last weekend, Pat and I went to Philly (for the first time) to celebrate a belated Christmas present. Living in NYC for almost two years has pretty much prepared us to live anywhere. Philadelphia is such a manageable city - I mean seriously, no place is as frustrating and insane as New York.

Despite 65 mph winds during our walk to the Art Museum (no - we DID NOT sing the Rocky theme song while climbing all those steps, but true to form, others around us did), we had a great time. It's kind of unbelievable that the two us have been dating for almost four years - it really doesn't seem that long.

I met Pat on my 25th birthday. He accompanied my good friend Heather, a crazy little lady who lived across the hall from me during my freshman year of college. This time, both Heather and I were in our first years of graduate school; I was studying at the University of Rhode Island and she was at Springfield College, where Pat was also enrolled in a doctoral program. Heather and Pat had only known each other for four months, but she convinced him, along with with their friend Nate, to drive the 2 hours to come celebrate my birthday (a girl neither Pat nor Nate had ever met) at the Mews Tavern in Rhode Island.

Four years later, Pat and I are going strong and Heather and Nate are engaged (Hence the loving term "Hate" - eat your heart out Bennifer.). A few weeks ago, Pat and I went to visit Heather in Connecticut to spend some time with her before she moves out to San Diego and begins her life with Nate. [So jealous of her new weather situation, not jealous of her new packing situation. The girl's got a lot of stuff.]

Pat and I are Heather's bridesmaids, a duty we are super excited to have. [You can learn more about Heather and Nate here.] As one of Heather's old maids, I felt I wanted to give her something in lieu of her decision not to have a bridal shower. So I decided I would make a 3-tone papercut of her and Nate. Let me tell you, this was an ambitious endeavor for a few reasons. First, I hadn't make more than a one tone cut before [see here and here]. Second, it's extremely hard to create a piece of art that MUST look like people you KNOW. I mean - you could really offend them if it comes out unattractive and then they sort of are obligated to keep the piece of crap in their house, so when you come to visit you can see it properly displayed.

Lucky for me, they both seemed to like it. Congratulations Heather and Nate!

A picture of my little "treasure" on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

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  1. thank you Beth, for this post, a very sweet story. I love this picture of Patrick here in Philadelphia.
    I did not realize Heather and Nate were moving to California. Well, at least you will have friends to visit out there now.
    March will be a very exciting month, I think, for us all.
    Mary Lou