NaniBird Update (because apparently I love updates these days)


Great news! My NaniBird, Gustav, was chosen to be part of "Batch 4" on the NaniBird website. Check out the other 39 finalists here. There are 3 pages of birds so make sure to click the next page button at the bottom of the screen.

Some of my favorites:

  • CiwiBot & Robot Bird

  • Esoteric Day & Night

  • F*CK CMYK (the graphic designer in me found this utterly amusing)

  • Yo! (a gangsta bird if I've ever seen one)

The piece above was a papercut I did of a Leonberger for the lovely woman who raised Pat, Mary Lou. She actually breeds Leos (think Dreyfuss from the TV show Empty Nest) and you can check out her site here.

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