Christmas Update


So this holiday ornament swap experience turned out to be pretty cool. I not only challenged myself to make an origami ornament, but I also received some incredible masterpieces in return. I felt the need to share with you all the talents of my fellow swappers below. The painting above is a Christmas present for my friend Chris. It's a painting of her baby, Grace, who is seriously the coolest, most chill baby (with the cutest chubby legs I've ever seen). I gave Chris the painting on Sunday at her Christmas party, so I feel okay with posting it on this blog. She and her incredible husband Kirk loved it.

Onto the ornaments and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Spider Ornament from Jill in Los Angeles. It came with a lovely folktale explaining how spider webs were the inspiration for putting tinsel on Christmas trees. You can check out Jill's other work at:

Fabric ball from Kat in North Carolina. You can see Kat's work at

This ornament from Kris in Pennsylvania came with a note that read: Give Peas a Chance. Too cute. You can read Kris' blog at

I love the neutral colors of this ceramic ornament from Krista in Arizona. You can check out her shop at

Melissa in Florida sent this beaded candy cane. She has a great invitation and stationary site at

This frosted mirror number comes from Naomi in Arkansas.

Last but not least, this wire Christmas tree is from Michele in Pennsylvania. The joints in my hands started to ache thinking about all that wire wrapping.


  1. I think my favorite was the spider but also the give peas a chance was very, very funny. this was a great idea, the swap, so creative.
    Love to you both, Mary Lou

  2. How much fun!!! I love the idea of this swap, so so good!

  3. I like the spider, too. I've heard folklore about spiders and Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone!