Gustav Klimt & Nanibird


I know what you're thinking - what the hell is a Nanibird? Good question. It's one I asked myself when I discovered the website and the story of its creator, Josh McKible. Short story is, Josh moved to Japan and found he was constantly asking himself, "What?" or "Nani?" in Japanese, throughout the day. To document his experience, he created 100 paintings of birds asking "Nani?" and then took the format to a more 3-D (and in my opinion, much more fun) arena. After creating his own series of Nanibirds and a template, he set out to find other designers who could make the structure their own. Thus, the Nanibird website was hatched. Josh is now roosting his fourth batch of Nanibirds and I sent him my own design (fingers crossed he'll pick it!).

I appreciate Josh's venture for a few reasons. First, I really like how there's a community of Nanibird artists and that no matter your background and geographic location, there's this common meeting ground found among these birds. Second, living in NYC for the last year, I found that I ask myself the same word over and over again to keep some sort of sanity. In this case it's not the word what, but rather, seriously?

The car that nearly sideswipes me on the way to work. Seriously? My landlord who rings the doorbell at 10:30 at night. Seriously? The man who is singing his heart out to Wu Tang Clan on the subway. Seriously? I feel your pain Josh - and I'm still living in my country of origin. (Although, at times I question that last statement.)

The creation of my own Nanibird also allowed me to use an artist's style I've admired for a while - Gustav Klimt's. Klimt was an Austrian painter in the late 1800's during the Art Nouveau movement. Art Nouveau, French for "new art", explored art through geometric and organic shapes. Klimt is best known for his decorative embellishments in paintings, most often of erotic images and femme fatales. His work also incorporated gold leaf, which produced some striking images. In this mashup, I took some of Klimt's styles from the paintings The Kiss and the Tree of Life.

While this on my wall to enjoy, it was by far the most fun I've had in creating a mashup. I've named him Gustav. I encourage you all to check out the Nanibird website and make one of your own!


  1. me gustaria que estuviera traducido y que el art del arbol estuviera mas detallada sobre su informacion

  2. Hi, you have the template for it would you mind send it to my thanks