What Is Copycat Mashup?

"Why reinvent the wheel?"

I learned this invaluable phrase during my three years in graduate school, while working towards a Masters in Education. Never mind the important theories of Backwards Design, Multiple Intelligences, and Constructivism - it was this idiom that I secured tightly in my mind's creative vault.

While my current career pathway has taken a detour from the original itinerary, I find that the art of taking what already exists and molding it to be even better can be applied to any situation. It could be changing the assessment in a successful lesson plan or adding an extra ingredient to a much-loved recipe.

With this mindset, I began to percolate the idea of Copycat Mashup. Why try to invent a new method of art and design when so many wonderful techniques exist? Why not take these techniques and mold them into my own craft? Why reinvent the wheel?

Copycat Mashup is a blog that celebrates art, design, craft and creativity. It is part art history lesson and part DIY project. It is a place for me to challenge myself creatively - the challenge of taking two completely different artistic styles and combining them into something beautiful (and if not beautiful, then most definitely, ahem, "special").

In retrospect, I can see how this way of thinking has been stewing in my subconscious for years. Take this deconstructed guitar. I created this piece almost five years ago, completely unaware that I was initiating a mashup between Bruce Gray and Jackson Pollock. Looking at this piece, I love how the chaos of the paint drips coexist with the purposeful placement of the guitar shapes. Two techniques - deconstruction and abstract expressionism - mashed together.

I hope you enjoy reading about my creative mashed up experiences and feel compelled to try some of them out yourself! I encourage you to challenge me with your own mashups by posting a comment. I have completed my first mashup for this blog and can't wait to share it, but I'm waiting to have it framed prior to posting. So, come back and visit!

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